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Manchester United will not be able

Le 23 October 2017, 05:19 dans Humeurs 0

Manchester United will not be able to break the formation of forward, trying to rely on local intensive stations to enhance the success rate of transmission and distribution. Rushford this stage to show the advantages of the front field versatile - even if the gap can not open from the sidewalk Trevor Bates Jersey, with the center of the property he can also be inserted as an attacker into the restricted area collusion. At the same time, his preference for the defense of the defense is conducive to Manchester United in the more forward position to complete the steals, these are winger more powerful Ma Charles can not provide. It is thanks to Rushford's driving effect Elandon Roberts Jersey, Manchester United in the second half of the initial combination of the edge, Kazakhstan's defense line in the visiting team under the continuous edge of the squeeze becomes more and more flat, the frontier of the restricted area is getting bigger and bigger The Regrettably, the road of Lin Gade and Ma Tiqi, who continued in the last section of the link mistakes. Jordan - Ayu, Abraham and Nelson made three midfielder, Tom - Carroll, Britton and Renato - Sanchez build 3 midfielder, Mosen and Fernandez guard the line of defense. Leicester side, Waldie and Okazaki Shinji side of the front line, Ma Laurel and Albreton wings fly together, Ivorla and Ndi Di sits midfield. This is Shakespeare's get out of class after Leicester opener, the first 25 minutes, Maherreys left cut inside the restricted area pass, Fernandez header recklessly put Oolong, 0-1! Blue fox took the lead on the road. The first 49 minutes, Albreton left the road break through the restricted area, Ma Laurel far point the first time the ball knocked to the door, Okazaki Shinji Qiangdian break, 0-2! This is the Japanese national team this season Matt Lengel Jersey, the first five goals, including the Premier League fourth ball. 56 minutes, Renato - Sanchez out of the left corner, Jordan - Ayu before the point of the heel to do the ball, Mosen restricted area beautiful sideways right foot volley volley break, 1-2! Finally, Leicester will be 2-1 victory to the end, Shakespeare after the first battle of the blue fox on the road win victory Dion Lewis Jersey.

In Rushford with a wide range

Le 23 October 2017, 05:19 dans Humeurs 0

In Rushford with a wide range of running collusion and frequent post-attack on the attack when activating Manchester United, with its debut at the same time in the fierce confrontation again in stealth. Just as he was replaced by the end of the Mata, the Armenians as the core of the offensive domination of the ball, always exposed fear of confrontation, passing the ball shortcomings, expecting it like David - Silva and Azar The same way with the middle of the tape to squeeze the opponent line of defense is not realistic. The power limit of the Mikhaili is the functional puzzle in the giants attack system, not the absolute core Julian Edelman Jersey, and his characteristics fit Mourinho's anti-tactical tactics Damarius Travis Jersey, but not the No. 10 player who can bring steady output in the position war. Gabriel Dini before, Sean - Long Brandon King Jersey, Steven - Davis and Tadic behind, Romeo and Lemina sits midfielder, the Japanese international Yoshida Ma also continued with Dundee defensive partner. West Brom side, Jay Rodriguez, Longdong and Chadley made three midfielder, Livermore, Krikovyak and Barry built 3 midfielder. The only goal of the audience in the first 85 minutes, Fort out of the ball after the ball all the way to drive straight with even 5 people in the restricted area cool right foot low shot break, 1-0! The final saints by virtue of this wonderful single ride break goal at home to get 3 points, Southampton nearly four rounds of the first win, West Brom 7 round numerous. So that Tottenham can not think of is, in addition to Harry - Kane, Real Madrid President Florentino also eyeing Tottenham coach Bocetino. At present, the Lafayette still trust Zidane, but he also understand that Zizu will never coached Real Madrid, and recently for some time, has been news that the French national team and Paris Saint Germain are eyeing the Zizu The Therefore, Real Madrid also need to consider early. Bocetino caused Real Madrid's concern is not surprising Cyrus Jones Jersey, the past two seasons, he led Tottenham to get the third and second Premier League this season, Tottenham in the Bernabeu for the Champions League also get 1-1 Of the draw, which shows his good coaching skill, therefore, Florentino also as he was Zidane's spare tire.

Manchester United to use a fast break

Le 23 October 2017, 05:18 dans Humeurs 0

Manchester United to use a fast break approaching the score, Lukaku collusion long pass from the sidewalk to obtain the opportunity to pass, Rushford Road outflanking Qiangdou score, after the fall into the melee battle of the Belgian center finally completed a release Danny Amendola Jersey. From the performance of the season to the point of view Kyle Van Noy Jersey, Lukaku's advantage is to shoot precision Nate Solder Jersey, vertical impact strong, good anti-offside attack and the use of straight plug ball, assists Rushford goal is a highlight of its advantages of the project show. Hernandez before the sudden, Antonio, Ranzini and Anao Tuoweiqi behind the words lined up, Obiang and Kuyat sits midfield. Brighton side, Gross and Murray together with the front line, Prope and Stephens sits midfield. Opening only 10 minutes, Gross free kick pass, Murray restricted area Qiangdian shakes Gongmen, Hart save less than the ball in front of the bomb from the bottom left corner fleeing, 0-1! Brighton took the lead on the road. The first half of the last time, Prope pass, Izquelo left the ball crossed the gap outside the right foot shot, Hart flying touched but it is difficult to stop the ball into the net, 0-2! This is Izquel more than the Premiership at the ball. The second half of the West Ham put Andre - Ayr array bursts of storms, but Brighton in the first 75 minutes into the game the first three balls, Bruno on the right pass, Sabaletta restricted area trip Down Murray, the referee at the penalty, Murray hit the penalty hit, 0-3! Murray scored twice! The final Brighton on the road 3 victory over West Ham Alan Branch Jersey, get the first three games this season.

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